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Your Community Spirit 2015-05-15

Your Community Spirit 2015-05-15

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News includes Drought Ended The Mayan Empire, Is California Next; Removing Antibiotics From Food Makes A Difference, Removing GMOs Doesn’t; The Oldest City In The U.S. Could Be Totally Screwed By Rising Seas; We Just Hit 400 PPM In The Atmosphere For A Whole Month; People Can’t Get Enough Of Tesla’s New Batteries. Happenings include Pagan Art Month Reception; Transpoetic Playground; Faith And Environment; Omni Sale; Brown Bag Concert Series; Friday Night Fair; Farmers Market; Sierra Club Native Plant Sale; Racial Taboo Film Showing; Knock Hunger Out Of The Park; Spiritual Journey: Photography By Katherine Frith; Rainbow Cafe Yard Sale; Sparrow Coalition Celebration.

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