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Your Community Spirit 2013-10-11

Your Community Spirit 2013-10-11

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News includes Get Ready For Record Temps For The Rest Of Your Life; Federal Shutdown Freezes Antarctic Science; 70 Percent Of Fox Pundits Doubt Global Warming; L.A. Times Won’t Publish Climate-Denier Letters; Exxon Demolishing Homes Ruined By Mayflower Spill; NAACP Gets Into Climate Fight; Divestment Campaign Against Fossil Fuels Growing. Happenings include Open Mic At Gaia House; Carbondale Farmer’s Market; Carbondale Community Farmers Market; 70th Anniversary Celebration At Gaia House; Fall Fest; Frack Free Fest; Talking Circle; Contemplative Writers’ Group; 11 Days For Peace; WDBX Halloween Costume Ball.

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