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Your Community Spirit 2006-02-24

Your Community Spirit 2006-02-24

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Cheney’s still got his gun, and Bush achieves the end of the civilized world. Happenings include wind energy research in Southern Illinois; Big Muddy Film Fest; benefit for the Irish Fest; Shawnee Audobon presentation; Big Muddy IMC’s Free Film Friday; art at Rosetta Stone Bookstore; and the Vagina Monologues. News includes unplugging cell phone chargers to stay energy; paying people to recycle; driving under the influence of ethanol; Treesong speculates on Bush’s vision of biofuels; recycled dog poop powers San Francisco; flex fuel hybrids abound; alcohol can be a gas (and a book!); Bush rehires laid off renewables researchers in order to enact photo op; enviros seek to protect Glacier National Park; and paint companies liable for lead paint cleanup.

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