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Your Community Spirit

Welcome! Your Community Spirit is a weekly eco-talk show with a sense of humor and a focus on climate and renewable energy news. The show airs every Friday at 10 AM Central onĀ WDBX.

Our hosts, Aur “Da Energy Mon” and Treesong, have been helping the show’s listeners to prepare for the end of the world as we know it since about 1999. In that time, we have survived many apocalypses. We hope to survive many more by keeping on top of the latest eco-news, interesting holidays, and local community happenings in Southern Illinois.

The first segment of each episode focuses on eco-news stories that will likely be of interest to people around the world. The second segment focuses on local community happenings in Southern Illinois. If you don’t live in Southern Illinois, you can either tune out for this portion, or stay tuned in for ideas about events in your own community.

All of the episodes from March 2020 onward are available in our archive of recent Your Community Spirit episodes. This archive currently doesn’t include episode descriptions.

We’ve also been podcasting the show since 2006. Currently, the episodes from 2006 to 2017 are available on the Your Community Spirit podcast. The podcast includes episode descriptions.

The most recent two months of episodes are also available in unedited form on the WDBX archive. However, due to the nature of community radio, the timing of this automated recording is sometimes slightly off, resulting in extra content at the start of an episode or a cut-off ending of the episode.

Someday soon, when Treesong gets his act together, all of the episodes from 2006 onward will be available in a single podcast, both here on this site and through your favorite podcast app. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a particular episode from the 2018-2019 gap, or a more recent episode that you don’t know the date of, contact Treesong.